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Maternal OCD always welcomes volunteers, if you would like to be involved please contact us for an informal chat. We can then find a role to suit you, from writing letters and manning a stall to designing leaflets and working towards general support work. Anything in between is okay too!

Maternal OCD Volunteers

Vanessa Rogers

Vanessa is a Marketing Manager in commercial property in her professional life, having extensive experience in marketing business parks and hi-tech buildings in the Thames Valley for many years.   Her link with OCD is through her youngest daughter who has suffered from severe OCD of the type Pure ‘O’ since her teenage years.  Her daughter’s illness became dangerously acute in her early twenties when Vanessa sought support through the charity OCD-UK.  She later joined the committee of the charity and worked with them from 2005 to 2012, which included the role of Vice-Chair. Vanessa is now delighted to be a volunteer for Maternal OCD, realising that this is an up-till-now relatively unaddressed side to this debilitating illness and which needs urgent attention to avert suffering. She has worked extensively with both Maria and Diana, the founders of Maternal OCD, when they were all members of the OCD-UK committee together at the same time and is more than happy to be working closely again with these committed, passionate and talented ladies whose work will help many women going forward.

Daren Lee

Daren is an experienced Psychology teacher and examiner. He has an active interest in OCD following his brother's battle with the illness which spanned three decades. Daren has seen first-hand how debilitating the condition can be and, when left unsupported, how OCD can take hold of someone's life as compulsive behaviours become more generalised.

Daren has a great deal of admiration for the founders of Maternal OCD and other related charities and he hopes to be able to support them in raising the wider public's awareness of the condition and to highlight the need for structured support.

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