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What We Offer

Maria Bavetta and Diana Wilson have lived experience of surviving OCD within a family environment. They understand the impact on the children, their parenting skills, their relationship with their husbands and the impact on their friendships.

Couple this with support from Maternal OCD’s patron Dr Fiona Challacombe and the members of the Advisory Panel, Maternal OCD is best placed to support both motherhood health professionals and mothers in their plight for survival from OCD during motherhood.

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New Research! 

Research Study on Perinatal OCD

·       Are you a mother aged 18 and over?

·       Do you have a current diagnosis of OCD?

·       Are your symptoms related to your child?

If you answered “Yes” the questions above, you may be eligible to take part in this research study conducted through Nottingham Trent University. This research would involve an interview with an experienced research assistant lasting approximately 60 minutes (face-to-face or skype interview as preferred) into the study of perinatal OCD in pregnant and postpartum women. 

You would be offered £15 in vouchersfor your participation (plus travel expenses if relevant).

For further information please contact Victoria Barnes on

Survey to help mothers with distress before and/ or after having a baby

Researchers at City University London invite you to take part in their online survey. They are looking at how the internet could benefit women with various levels of antenatal and postnatal distress such as stress, isolation, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and OCD.
Survey respondents will be entered into a competition to win a £25 Amazon voucher
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A survey of women’s experiences of anxiety diagnosis and treatment

Perinatal anxiety is very common, but appears to be under-recognised.  There is currently very little information about the identification and treatment of perinatal anxiety. We are conducting a survey to find out about women’s experiences of anxiety diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy and the postnatal period in order to identify helpful practice and areas which might be improved.

Anyone who has experienced significant perinatal anxiety in the last ten years is eligible to take part.

It does not matter if your anxiety was about the baby or something else, or if your experiences were positive or not. We are simply interested in understanding the experiences of a large group of women. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

For further information about the study and/or to take part please contact

The study is being conducted by Dr Fiona Challacombe at King’s College London and the Maudsley Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma.

The research has been approved by the King’s Ethical Committee ref: PNM/14/15-68

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