Volunteering & Fundraising

Maternal OCD is a service user led charity and relies on support from volunteers with lived experience and also from clinical experts, to help support mothers and their families as well as campaign for improved perinatal OCD services.

We are very lucky to have some wonderful fundraisers, who have been able to provide vital financial support for Maternal OCD. A huge thank from us!

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved with Maternal OCD from supporting the day to day running of the charity, fundraising, talking about your experiences or writing for our website – we would love to have you on board!

Our wonderful volunteers and fundraisers:

The amazing Ashley Curry


The fabulous Ashley Curry tirelessly ran 10 x 10k runs for Maternal OCD and in his words ‘threw in a half marathon too!’ We are so very grateful for all of Ashley’s time, support and energy.




Fundraising support from Nottingham Trent University staff and students

Diana and Maria are two women with contagious passion who do some important outreach work through their fantastic organisation Maternal OCD. Diana has delivered a guest lecture to my Year 3 Psychopathology class at Nottingham Trent University on the topic of perinatal OCD, and has inspired my students to try to help make a difference to the lives of mothers suffering with OCD. Through bake sales, book and DVD sales, and raffles supported by generous NTU staff and students, our class has raised nearly £1,000 to help support Maternal OCD with the stellar work they are doing. And we had lots of fun doing so! We encourage others to help make a difference through fundraising or making a donation to this worthy organisation!



Since then, Maternal OCD has kindly invested some of the funds towards research into helping investigate the possible determinants of perinatal OCD onset. A research team at Nottingham Trent University, led by myself, Dr Nadja Heym and Dr Fraenze Kibowski, has completed a qualitative interview study, and are now working hard to launch a large survey study. We look forward to sharing our results!’

Dr Eva Zysk, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Nottingham Trent University

A big thank you to Eva and the team for fundraising and supporting Maternal OCD and for showing such an interest that there is now also a research focus – so very exciting and can’t wait to read results – thank you!


The wonderful Marie



Marie is a mum who offered to run a very unique race to fundraise for Maternal OCD and PND & me – a 5k inflatable run! A big thank you for all the time it took to train and fundraise for this different type of run!