Taking part in research

Research can play a part to remove stigma, raise awareness, improve services for mums with perinatal OCD and understand more fully the impact of having this disorder on the mum and possibly the wider family.

If you have any ideas about research that you feel could help improve our understanding and access to services please email us on info@maternalocd.org

Please see our Latest Research section for an up to date list of research and see below opportunities and how to get involved:

Are you the partner of a mum with OCD?
Is your child under 3 years?

We want to learn more about your experiences in order to better support mums and dads in this situation.
My name is Joe and I am the Lead Researcher for this unique study looking at fathers’ perspectives of perinatal OCD. The research is being supported by the Universities of Coventry and Warwick.
You may be eligible to participate in the research study if:

• You are a father
• You have a child under 3 years old
• Your partner (the mother) has a diagnosis of OCD

If you would like to find out more about the research study and could be available for an informal 45 minute interview in London, Coventry or through Skype (England and Wales only) at a time convenient for you, please contact me on:

Email: poolej9@uni.coventry.ac.uk
Joe Poole Trainee Clinical Psychologist