‘There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one’ Jill Churchill

If you would like to support Maternal OCD please contact us to discuss any ideas, thank you!





Maternal OCD is working towards having a bank of volunteers across the country to help make a difference to mums everywhere. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


Maternal OCD has been made possible as a result of many organisations and people coming together and kindly offering their support. We would like to sincerely thank the following:

Maternal OCD Support Group

Thank you so much to The Mental Health Foundation for their support and The Woodward Charitable Trust for their part funding to help us set up the first ever Perinatal OCD Support Group - much appreciated! This service will help mothers be able to safely speak freely. It will help to normalise the disorder and provide much needed inspiration to springboard the road to recovery. See the News section for further details.

The Maternal OCD Brand

Kelsey Goldblatt designed the Maternal OCD logo, along with a promotional postcard as part of a live brief for Graphic Design students at Hertford Regional College.

Kelsey’s designs for the logo and postcard were chosen because they captured the fundamental right of every mother – to enjoy motherhood. During diagnosis, treatment and through to maintaining recovery, mothers need a goal. The designs illustrate that goal and clearly show hope.

Kelsey is going on to study a BA Honors degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at The University of Hertfordshire.

Thank you also goes to Helen Sweet, Kelsey’s tutor who agreed to take on this live brief. Helen has also recently just set up a charity called The Lee Wright Synergy Dance World Memorial Trust which aims to advance the education of the public in dancing, particularly Salsa dancing by promoting the positive influence of Lee Wright’s attitude to dance and learning. For further details please go to the Charity Commission website.

Technology - Website Design and Advisor

A huge thank you goes to Daniel Waddon, Maternal OCD's website designer. Daniel has had to have alot of patience with us as we went through an ICT process of which we knew nothing about! Daniel has had to fight his own dyslexa battles to create a successful company and we are in awe of his ability and determination. Thank you for your support - we really do appreciate it!

Technology – IT equipment

Connect Dacorum:

Connect Dacorum is a service provided by Community Action Dacorum and is supported by Dacorum Borough Council, The Volunteer Centre Dacorum, The Dacorum Community Trust and numerous other organisations and local businesses. This service has provided Maternal OCD with contacts in the business community who have been very generous and supported our cause. Thank you!

For further details please contact Jeoff Colls:

Tel: 01442 228216

Web: www.connectdacorum.org.uk
Email: jeoff.colls@dacorum.gov.uk

Health n Safety

A huge thank you also goes to Andy Forbes from Health n Safety, who donated a projector to Maternal OCD. This has meant we can attend any support group and meeting armed with the right equipment to deliver our talks - absolutely fabulous!

For further details:
Tel - 01442 235 565

The Berkhamsted and East Herts Council for Voluntary Services.

We are a very young voluntary organisation and recognised early on that we needed expert support. This came in the form of Sue-Jane O’Keefe, who was able to guide us through the bureaucracy of becoming a voluntary organisation and provide professional guidance. This support has been invaluable. Thank you Sue-Jane!

For further details:

Tel: 01920 487888

Web: www.cvsbeh.org.uk

Email: admin@cvsbeh.org.uk

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