New Perinatal OCD research linked to impact on fathers - please support, click here for more details!  

Royal College of Psychiatrists leaflet about perinatal OCD: co-authors include our patron Dr Fiona Challacombe and co-founder Maria Bavetta, click here to view

‘Research tells us that women with Post Natal OCD experience barriers to getting the correct diagnosis and treatment for their difficulties. One of these is the shame and stigma associated with the symptoms and a lack of knowledge about OCD amongst sufferers and professionals. This organisation aims to target these issues directly and I am in full support of those aims.’

Dr Fiona Challacombe, Maternal OCD Patron - PRT Peggy Pollak Research Fellow & Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Psychiatry & Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma

Maternal OCD is now an Endorsement organisation for the NICE Postnatal Care Quality Standard, click the link below to see further details:


Maternal OCD is a voluntary organisation dedicated to raising the profile of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for mothers. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a debilitating anxiety disorder which strips women of their fundamental right to enjoy motherhood. Maternal OCD is co-founded by two mothers, Maria Bavetta and Diana Wilson, who have experienced and recovered from extreme OCD.

Maternal OCD Aims

We have three primary target audiences to ensure the relevant information is accessible at the right time for a sustainable recovery, pregnant women, new mothers and motherhood health professionals. We aim to:

  • Raise the profile of OCD amongst health professionals working with mothers to help identify this disorder more efficiently,

  • Raise the awareness of OCD for mothers-to-be to reduce the onset probability of OCD developing;

  • Provide easily accessible resources for mothers with OCD to enable them to recover more quickly.

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